The 2nd Intelligence and National Security Conference at Coastal Carolina University is organized as part of an upper-level course entitled “Women in Intelligence and National Security”, which is co-taught by Dr. Joseph Fitsanakis (INSS Program), Dr. Ina Seethaler (WGS Program), and Dr. Kaitlin Sidorsky (Deprtment of Politics) at CCU. It is led by the course’s 16 students, who are also members of the student group Women in Intelligence and National Security at CCU. They are: Lauren Altman, Katie Brooks, Antigua Clyburn, Clara Comiskey, Skylar Demartinis, Beth-Anne Eiring, Caitlyn Fegett, Monica Fulmer, Belle Griggs, Crystal Marzetti, Tanya Morse, Kaitlin Presnell, Allison Reilly, Maeve Stewart, Joseph Tedeschi, and Jennifer Thorpe.

The conference organizers wish to thank the sponsors whose generosity made this event possible: the Quality Enhancement Plan Committee at CCU, the Thomas W. and Robin W. Edwards College of Humanities and Fine Arts, and University College at Coastal Carolina University. We also wish to thank Women in Philanthropy and Leadership and Mrs. Terri DeCenzo for co-sponsoring this event.