2021 10-for-10 Careers Workshop

Intelligence agencies keep telling us that the best time to start applying for internships in the intelligence community is freshman year. The best time to start applying for jobs is the beginning of your junior year. With this in mind, WINS launched “10-for-10”, a new 10-week program aimed at enabling its members to submit 10 strong INTEL job and/or internship applications by the end of April.

Experienced instructors and senior students guided “10-for-10” participants through the concrete steps needed to build a solid résumé, personal statement or cover letter, and explain how to impress in job and internship interviews (both face-to-face and phone).

10-for-10 SCHEDULE

Monday January 25 – Session 1: Welcome and Introduction
Monday February 01 – Session 02: Creating a Job-Hunting System
Monday February 08 – Session 03: How to Put Together and Intelligence Resume
Monday February 15 – Session 04: Page 1 of Your Intelligence Resume
Monday February 22 – Session 05: Page 2 of Your Intelligence Resume
Monday March 01 – Session 06: Beating the AI Filtering System
Monday March 08 – Session 07: Internships
Monday March 15 – Session 08: Your Personal Statement
Monday March 22 – Session 09: Following up and the Interview
Monday March 29 – Session 10: Final Thoughts and Apply!